Tuesday, April 22, 2014

9 Awesome Google Hacks

Here are some of my favourite useful, good-to-know google hacks.
Try them all and enjoy the magic.

1. Dictionary: Type Define keyword where keyword is the word you want defined.

2. Compare Foods: Type Food1 vs Food2. Example: Cabbage vs Lettuce.

3. Find word etymology: Type Keyword Etymology where keyword is the word you want to find the etymology for. Example: Love etymology

4. 'Blink': This one is fun. Type Blink HTML and see for yourself.

5. Calculator: Directly type equation using +, -, *, /

6. Unit convertor: Directly type XX y units in z units where XX is the number, y is the unit you have, Z is the unit you want. Example: 19 Kgs in grams

7. Artist Songs: Type 'Name of Artist' Songs.

8. Instant translator: Type <word to be translated> to <language of translation>Example Happiness in Hindi.

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