Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Facebook conversion tracking pixels for dummies

What is it?
Code that you can use on your website to track conversions that originated from FB.

Use it to measure the ROI on your website corresponding to every FB Ad posted.
Use it to leverage optimised CPM to show ads to more relevant people

Create conversion tracking pixel
1. Go to Ads Manager or Power Editor
2. Click on Conversion Tracking on the left side column
3. Click on Create Conversion Pixel located in the top right corner of the page
4. Give your conversion pixel a name and select a category from the dropdown menu

5. Click on Create Pixel
6. A pop-up box will appear with Pixel Code. This is the code you will need to integrate into the web page where you want to track conversions.

Use it.
1. Create a new ad or edit an existing ad.

Page Post Engagement / Clicks to Website Ads
a) On Ad creation page -> Text and Link section -> click on 'Advanced options'
b) Click on dropdown of Conversion Tracking Pixel -> Select desired Pixel code

Website Conversion Ads
a) Enter website URL
b) Select Pixel code from dropdown

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